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a Jonestown Hotel minutes from Hersheypark

Hershey's Chocolate World
251 Park Boulevard
Hershey, PA 17033
+1 717 534 4900

Drawing in visitors of all ages, color and taste is the wonderful Hershey's Chocolate World. This place is mainly a visitor's center that includes a variety of attractions, features and events that make it different from any old boring information center. It forms a part of the bigger entertainment complex including the Hersheypark, the museum and the Giant Center.

The Hershey Chocolate World takes you in to the hidden world of chocolate and the wonderful factory that churns out the many yummy chocolate bars and treats, and the infamous Hershey's Kisses. Kids and adults will love the tours, interactive sessions and the animated musical extravaganza; the Really Big 3-D Show. Enjoy the many fun activities and events that go on at this center. The timings of the center as well as the tours vary with the season and on special holidays, so make sure you call ahead for details or take a look at their website. 

Indian Echo Caverns
368 Middletown Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036
+ 717 566 8131


Natural Splendor along the Swatara.
Like many caverns in the Mid-Atlantic states, Indian Echo Caverns is a limestone cave. Cut through Beekmantown limestone, which is over 440 million years old, they were formed through the erosive properties of water. As time progressed, geological forces led to an "uplift" of the surrounding limestone, eventually allowing more and more water to flow through the formation. As the water flowed over the limestone, it began to create small crevices, these small crevices led to larger ones, and eventually, over a series of millions of years, it created the caverns as they are today.
The temperature inside the caverns is 52 degrees year around.


Life using the cavern environment can be divided into two groups:

• Animals that live part of their lives inside caverns.
• Animals that live their entire lives inside caverns.

Animals that live part of their lives inside caverns usually use it for shelter. Examples of this type of life would be bats, bears, raccoons, and other mammals. They are termed troglophiles.

Animals which live inside caverns for their entire lives include some insects, crustaceans, and blind fish. They are termed troglobites. Additionally bacteria and fungi also inhabit caverns.
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Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003

The Fort Indiantown Gap Team hopes that you find this website useful in learning about what “the Gap” provides to our nation’s warfighters.

Fort Indiantown Gap is a world class, commander-centric, combat-focused installation.  Our primary focus is supporting the commander as he or she prepares his or her unit for whatever mission they have been assigned, overseas or domestically.  Fort Indiantown Gap is one of the busiest National Guard training sites in the country, training more than 100,000 troops each year.  The installation serves as a pre-deployment training site for all branches of our military as they prepare for a variety of operating environments including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Africa as well as preparing for our homeland defense mission. Our commitment to training support excellence is also extended to law enforcement professionals and other government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

Fort Indiantown Gap provides training support ranging from individual warrior tasks through brigade-level collective training exercises leveraging the most current training strategies and doctrine.  The Army has made a multimillion dollar investment in Fort Indiantown Gap over the last decade upgrading and expanding our range complex by integrating the latest technology in our ranges and facilities. 

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